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PARIA - Knochenkamp - Digipak-MCD

PARIA - Knochenkamp - Digipak-MCD
Alas, PARIA have returned to build further on that monument - or bury it under garbage and gangrene - with Knochenkamp. A fountain of filth and fury, cutting and concise whilst exuding a substantial totality at 28 minutes, Knochenkamp is PARIA at their most untamed and unbound: untamed in how bloody spiraling and dangerously caustic their attack has become, and unbound in that they pay little to no mind what's been committed to tradition under the banner of "black metal." Over the course of four songs and intro, the quartet weave bewitching spells of black metal classicism that soon split apart at the seams and become consumed by a ravenous insanity that literally feels dangerous - there's no faking this sort of instability. And yet, their songwriting acumen is at peak performance, as Knochenkamp's component parts are ones that go places, beckoning the listener ever onward, teasing with morbid repose before whipping forth into a abyss-ward tornado of utter disgust and bitter, black hatred. Through it all, PARIA remain gleefully possessed, almost taunting that listener with demonic delight. Will you have the spiritual/physical fortitude for Knochenkamp?
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