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NAR MATTARU "Ancient Atomic Warfare" CD

NAR MATTARU \"Ancient Atomic Warfare\" CD

December 7, 2015.
Official press release: Three years after the release of the acclaimed debut “Enuma Elish”, death metal masters NAR MATTARU return with their sophomore album, the highly anticipated “Ancient Atomic Warfare.”

As the album title suggests, “Ancient Atomic Warfare” evokes visions of an archaic past, a cruel and primitive era where Lovecraftian forces of Evil and the darkest Sumerian gods battle for the supremacy over earth, leaving behind a devastated scenery of ruins, death and decay. It's the sound of the Apocalypse before mankind's advent... the end of the beginning.

True and worthy heirs of Dominus, the Chilean death metal legend founded by Francisco Bravo and Andrés Gonzáles in 1992, NAR MATTARU are one of the most sincere and credible exponents of today's death metal, done the old way, but fresh and exciting like 25 years ago.


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