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LAST UPDATE: November 16th, 2023. See What is New? for overview.

PSICOSFERA new album Summa Negativa (CD, MC, T-Shirts) can be pre-ordered. Shipping will commence at the end of November/early December.
WELLS VALLEY CDs are shipping. The T-Shirts will get into print next week (Nov 20th), very sorry for the delay, please, hang in there.
SOMNIATE new album, We Have Proved Death available and still hot.
New ATHANATHEOS and GAROTED albums are out. Get your copies.

Aural onslaught of LAVADOME Releases:

The best way to fulfill postage rates effectively is ordering 2 CDs, 4 CDs, 8 CDs or 16 CDs. For postage prices check Shipping and Returns.
If you prefer payment via bank transfer or shipping CDs without cases or both send e-mail to:
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