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LAST UPDATE: May 15, 2021. See What is New? for overview.
Please, note: Ved Buens Ende, The Deviant, Repuked, Serpents Oath will arrive in 7-10 days.
Lavadome hits 2021 with a bang. The CAMBION debut album Conflagrate the Celestial Refugium has been released! Buy or die.

Pre-orders for the excellent RIEXHUMATION debut album "The Final Revelation of Abaddon" are online. Out May 28, 2021.

!T.O.O.H.! returned back with its new album Free Speech on Nov 17, 2020. Unrivalled material. Order your copy now.
Totalitarian new EP Kulturkampf / Los Von Rom released on Nov 19, 2020. Distributed via Lavadome again. First 100 pcs comes with a rosary and a metal cross.
Lavadome releases June 2020: Athanatheos (CD) and Somniate (CD/LP) albums are available.
Lavadome releases 2020: Maere, Tzun Tzu and Ad Vitam Infernal are available in special priced, four CD bundle for 32 EUR with Horror God album included. Get it in Bundles and Pre-Orders category.

The best way to fulfill postage rates effectively is ordering 2 CDs, 4 CDs, 8 CDs or 16 CDs. For postage prices check Shipping and Returns.
If you prefer payment via bank transfer or shipping CDs without cases or both send e-mail to:
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