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Listen to a new track from the upcoming Cambion album now.

!T.O.O.H.! returned back with its new album Free Speech on November 17th. Unrivalled material. Order your copy now.
Totalitarian new EP Kulturkampf / Los Von Rom released. Distributed via Lavadome again. First 100 pcs comes with a rosary and a metal cross.
Lavadome releases June 2020: Athanatheos (CD) and Somniate (CD/LP) albums are available.
Lavadome releases 2020: Maere, Tzun Tzu and Ad Vitam Infernal are available in special priced, four CD bundle for 32 EUR with Horror God album included. Get it in Bundles and Pre-Orders category.

The best way to fulfill postage rates effectively is ordering 2 CDs, 4 CDs, 8 CDs or 16 CDs. For postage prices check Shipping and Returns.
If you prefer payment via bank transfer or shipping CDs without cases or both send e-mail to:
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