THE SATAN'S SCOURGE - Threads of Subconscious Torment MCD


European version of “Threads Of Subconscious Torment” by Colombia's The Satan's Scourge on Terror From Hell records.
Press release: Originally released in 2016 this roughly 20-minutes ode to evil comprise 10 tracks (an Impaled Nazarene cover is included too, as well as a Bathory cover not included in the South American version) of uncompromising and unmerciful Death/Black Metal in the best South American tradition. Manic thrashing riffs, detonating drum and hateful vocals drives the listener in the urge to start a brawl. Short and straight-to-the-point “Threads Of Subconscious Torment” is a malicious statement to those who forgot how Black and Death Metal must sound like: dangerous.

For fans of Order From Chaos, Mortem, Sarcofago and Possessed.