TEMPLE - Design In Creation CD


March 16, 2018.
A perfect, second album by Temple. Crushing, versatile, musical and creative. If you like your Death Metal fast but diverse and far from one-dimensional boring output, be sure to check the album out. Totally recommended!

Official press release info:The crushing new album by Death Metal veteran A.J. van Denth, former vocalist, guitarist of 90's mejestic doom band Beyond Belief.
Featuring: vocalist Kevin Quilligan (Apophys)
Guitar leads by Sonny Lombardozzo (Incantation)
Shaune Kelley (Ripping Corpse, Dim Mak, Hate Eternal)
Frank Schiphorst (Mayan)
Drumbeast Erid de Windt
10 brutal destroying Death Metal tracks including melodic parts at the right moment.