AORATOS - Gods Without Name DIGIPAK


March 22, 2019

AORATOS has had to become. All the path pursued by Naas Alcameth were leading to AORATOS! Strip Nightbringer, Akhlys and Bestia Arcana almost to the bone, leave the rawness, the blasting, soul melting, ferociousness, the elementary synths and ambient background, brutalize it and watch everything unfold, through the primordial cosmic darkness to the very dust. Fucking ultimate obliteration leads to the space Aoratos just created. Welcome, lost traveller.

Expanding far beyond the themes and sounds within AKHLYS, “Gods Without Name”, the upcoming debut album from Naas Alcameth’s AORATOS probes ever further into the darkness found beyond boundaries of the profane and waking world of man.

Naas Alcameth describes this new beast with his own words:

"AORATOS stands as the simulacra of the multitudinous genius loci, haunting spirits which preside over and manifest within out-lands forgotten, and the inner sanctum of the shadow-self. Probing further and expanding upon subjects presented within Naas Alcameth’s AKHLYS, both and sound and subject wanders far beyond the scope of genre binding horizons. The nameless daemon’s of ruins, deserts, trackless forests, forgotten crypts, and the dark labyrinths of dreams, given voice and presence within an amalgamation of dark ambient, black metal and deep ritual drone, AORATOS serves as a reflection and voice for the countless and diverse ominous presences residing within the provenances of absence, desolation, and inner darkness."

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