HORROR GOD - Cursed Seeds CD


Release date: September 27, 2019

The CD comes in a transparent jewelcase including 12 pages /170gsm/ booklet with unique illustrations by Kirill per each side/song.

Horror God has arrived with its third album to introduce you its brand of creative, dissonant or avantgarde, if you will, death metal driven by merciless riffs and heavy hooks.

One could describe "Cursed Seeds" in many ways: Technical, avantgarde, experimental death metal and so on but you know what really counts except the album is still nothing but (extreme) Death Metal record? The music comes from the soul and emerged from the chemistry that exists within the members of the band. It resonates deep inside. It's atmospehric, brutal but also gentle and overall impressive. Do listen, listen more, do find those moments!

HORROR GOD / TECHNE split CD is also available. Check it out. Two ways of how to uniquely approach Death Metal.

Horror God is:
Sergey "Bor" Borisov – guitars, bass
Pavel "Arte" Smirnov – guitars
Max "Shaman" Stepanov – vocals
Lev Kurgansky – drums (Fleshgore, Endocranial, Ezophagothomia, Derogation)

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Recorded at Deep Devastation Studio Mixed and mastered at TsunTsun Productions.

The cover art has been made by Kiril.

Guest guitar solo by Kevin Hufnagel (Gorguts, Dysrhythmia) on "They Were Behind the Barbed Wire".