Release date: January 31, 2020

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The CD comes in a transparent jewelcase including full colored, 12 sided booklet. The disc is a black polycarbonate one. Don't miss this edition out.
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Mære's six songs debut material, entitled "I", brings us a manifest of dinkum Death Metal obscurity: Old school in its core, contemporary in its vision.
The intense, daunting bleakness pouring from the soundwaves of "I" does feel like freezing magma. Moving and paralyzing in one fascinating phase. As Mære are progressing forward with each track, toying behind the shadows with the shadows, the rhythms spread wider and the riffs cut deeper. At the same time, the force of resounding dissonance and elaborate riffs' composition becomes sense–strangulating, ever consuming...transcendental fire of art.
Exceptional debut.

Hint: Imagine Ulcerate, Phobocosm, and Altars crushing in an unique entity.

Side note: Mære was formed by three ex-members of Ingurgitating Oblivion in order to follow their own vision of Death Metal.

Mære is:
Sascha Hermesdorf – Guitars
Christian Pfeil – Bass
Ingo Neugebauer – Drums
Ralf Büsing – guitars
Malte Schön – vocals

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