Originally released in 1990, this is 2020 Svart Records double CD digipak reissue with the 1994 demo as a bonus CD.

The double CD package features a large lush booklet.

Perpetually out of print, much sought after and universally worshipped amongst those in the know, Winter’s Into Darkness was a game-changing classic. A gateway drug to the dark depths of sludge metal, and now awaits a whole new throng of acolytes who bow down before the throne of heavy doom.

Formed in New York circa 1988, Winter played slow, deep and hard nuclear doom with a crust punk rawness, that came across like Hellhammer jamming with Amebix. Their penchant for mammoth sized and funeral-paced, wasteland droning has become a touchstone reference for bands across the whole spectrum of underground metal.

Eternal Winter awaits.

Album: Into Darkness 1990
1. Oppression Freedom
2. Servants of The Warsmen
3. Goden
4. Power and Might
5. Destiny
6. Eternal Frost
7. Into Darkness

Bonus: "Eternal Frost"Demo 1994
1. Servants of the Warsmen
2. Eternal Frost
3. Winter
4. Blackwhole
5. Manifestation I

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