SOMNIATE - The Meyrinkian Slumber CD


Release date: June 30, 2020

Jewel case edition in silver-black slipcase. Includes 8 sided, saddle stitched booklet + free digital download.

A new Czech black metal band SOMNIATE is about to hit the public with its debut concept album entitled “The Meyrinkian Slumber”. Being the newcomers, there is enough experience in the band's ranks which consist of musicians known from BRUTALLY DECEASED, ET MORIEMUR, FEEBLE MINDED, HEAVING EARTH, MALLEPHYR, SÓL. However, SOMNIATE has come out as a strong entity having its own unique vision and intent.

"THE MEYRINKIAN SLUMBER" is a 5 track concept full-length album dealing with magical realism of Gustav Meyrink and his masterpiece novel "The Golem".

A tale of searching for the ascension through identity shifts, alchemical concepts and suffering, all set in a distorted Kafka-like vision of Prague.

I. The Sleepless Stone
II. Rephaim
III. In Bone Incorruptible
IV. A Penitentiary Triptych
V. Of Fragrance and Light
Total time: 32:02

Somniate is:
Zdeněk Klekner: Vocals
Marek Štembera: Guitars, Vocals
Aleš Vilingr: Guitars
Adam Kulich: Bass
Tomáš Mařík: Drums

Mixed and mastered at BST Studio
Preproduction and tracking engineered at HELLSOUND Studio
Sigil artwork by VIEW FROM THE COFFIN

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