COSMIC PUTREFACTION - At The Treshold of the Great Chasm CD


April 19, 2019

Compact Disc in jewel case, 16-page booklet with lyrics. Ltd to 300.

Quote from official press release:
Differently from the past and surprisingly enough, with COSMIC PUTREFACTION the Italian musician drinks from the source of the most furious and eeriest death metal ever, reinterpreting it in the light of a modern wall of sound.
On guest vocals, two excellent accomplices: Brendan Sloan of CONVULSING, one of today's most exciting underground metal acts, and XN of the raising death metal band HADIT.
Originally born as an EP containing rearranged materials from the past, “At The Threshold Of The Greatest Chasm” has mutated into a monumental and annihilating opus organized in 9 steep and obscure epics; 9 short but dense tracks that retain a cosmic aura despite their brutal aggressiveness.
COSMIC PUTREFACTION's full-length debut marks an important milestone in G.G.'s short but intense career and it is sure to please the fans of true death metal, old and new.