Free Speech CD


Release date: Novemeber 17, 2020

Jewel case edition housed in a glossy laminated, hard-cover sleeve. Enclosed is a 28 sided, saddle stitched booklet with twelve illustrations by Humanoid. The art is of violent nature; contains explicit gore and sexual content regardless of race and orientation. If you get easily offended by such things (why are you even here then?), you have been warned.

The progressive, experimental death/grind duo is back with it's fifth album which consists of 12 tracks.
Revitalized, and more vicious than ever, the "Free Speech" material shows how extremity and creativity could go hand in hand with experimental approach and not to compromise any of the grinding, metallic punch.
One of the most unique bands the death/grind scene ever had is at it again.

1. Pět neděl ve srubu
2. Unést, prcat a čekat
3. Nácek radikál
4. Kratochvíle pana M
5. Proto moudří v ústraní
6. Tfuj, Jirko!
7. Roztřískám jim papule
8. Zrozen k božským cílům
9. Pak jí ruce svážu
10. Čarovné mlíčí
11. Poslední hon dcery doktora Hamky, majitele nejedné golfové jamky
12. Komouš
Total time: 34:17

!T.O.O.H.! are:
Humanoid – Guitars, Bass, Vocals, VST Insturments
Schizoid - Drums, Backing Vocals

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