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T-Shirts limited to 67 pieces.
Black T-Shirt – Fruit of the Loom Superpremium.
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Available size: L.
Every purchase comes with a free Bandcamp download of the CAMBION debut album.

Note for Pre-Orders: The pictures are previews, the colors of the final product won't be 100% accurate. Screenprint will make the art loose the digital smoothness and although we will use 9-10 colors, some details will be lost and some colors won't be so shining. We are currently working on the best possible, brutal result! The T-Shirts will be available in the second half of April. If you order more items, your order will be dispatched when all titles are availbale. Thank you for your nderstanding.

To celebrate the extraordinary "Conflagrate the Celestial Refugium" art by Shaari Moth, we print a limited run of T-Shirts.

Music can be a weapon. "Conflagrate the Celestial Refugium" might be the proof. It is also a pure adrenaline rush of ecstatic and highly addictive scorching energies of rebelling Death Metal evil. Cambion has brought back the tradition of speed-obsessed, blasphemous Death Metal—revitalized and up–to–date. You won't hear more intense and metal record than this.

Read the interview with CAMBION in Metal Temple zine.

Still available: CAMBION demo CD "Unfold Chaos Supreme" €6
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Rich Osmond - Vocals, Bass
Thorben Rathje - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Chason Westmoreland - Battery

CAMBION realm:
CAMBION @ Facebook

If you are a dear newcomer to Lavadome realm, be sure to check PESTIFER "Execration Diatribes" debut album from 2017 or AD VITAM INFERNAL or CHAOS INCEPTION and more... Those bands worship the same spirits as Cambion but in their own way.