RIEXHUMATION - The Final Revelation of Abaddon CD


Release date: May 28, 2021

Jewelcase with 12 pages booklet. Comes with free Bancamp digital download.

Turn the lights off and let cosmic matter transcend into you. You will now listen to one of the finest forms of old school Death Metal darkness. Lavadome is proud to serve and help to channel this monster from the depths. The RIEXHUMATION debut album "The Final Revelation of Abaddon" is upon us. On this 9 tracks debut album, RIEXHUMATION have found the means to create their own identity and are treading on its own toes without bowing to any particular band but the genre essence only and in complete devotion. The music invades dimensions of hindmost darkness unknown to average sensual man. What you are about to hear (hint - listen with open mind!) is a traversing pathway from the chasms of the cosmos to the chasms of the spiritual microcosm of an individual. Doomy, eerie, atmospheric, uncompromising old school Death Metal mastery.

Cover art by Roberto Toderico Art.

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