November 24, 2017.

If you have heard the first two albums from this Costa Rican quintet, it's time to forget. This third album is an exceptional trip into the style created by Gorguts on Obscura. CORPSE GARDEN, however, have moved with it into dark, complex, atmospheric realms. The record is worthy enough of dwelling into to explore those which dwell within these spiritually filled depths on both, musical and spiritual level. This is not another of your vague dissonant albums. This album doesn't strive to appear "perfect and accomplished" product ending up as a vague product filled with complex music. It's not having this kind of perfection yet souless handicap. It goes far beyond with it spontaniety, talents and depth showing a real potential for the future.

Hold your breath now. Heavily recommended album. Embrace these chants from the underworld.

Some basic facts. Album was recorded live at Colin Martson's The Thousand Caves Studio. There's a fretless bass used on the record which makes for some more interesting moments this record trasmits.