The second album, entitled The Abrogation, from Alabama's CHAOS INCEPTION is an extraordinary piece of Death Metal extremity.
The brutality of the record is relentless, the musicianship flawless, the compositional mastery hard to surpass.
This material flashes straight from the heights and depths of man's soul.
All in all, The Abrogation is one the most devastating, skilled, extereme, and expressive records coming out this year.

Mandatory onslaught for fans of Hate Eternal, Angelcorpse, Nile, Rebaelliun, Origin, Fleshtized, Krisiun, Abhorrence, Morbid Angel...

1 x REXUL - Erebus... Virtuosus... Alpha... CD1 x SLAUGHTERDAY - Ancient Death Triumph CD1 x DEMONICAL - Chaos Manifesto DIGIPAK1 x ROTHEADS - Slither in Slime CD1 x AHRET DEV - Hellish Double LP1 x FOSSILIZATION / RITUAL NECROMANCY Split MCD1 x EGGS OF GOMORRH - Wombspreader CD1 x CONJURETH - Majestic Dissolve CD1 x TOUGHNESS - The Prophetic Dawn CD1 x ANTROPOFAGUS - Origin CD1 x GOATSMENGA - Goat Separatist Movement CD1 x VOMIT SPELL - Vomit Spell CD1 x KATHAARIA - To Be Shunned by All​.​.​.​ LP1 x SCALPTURE – Eisenzeit CD1 x ABIGOR - Fractal Possession LP1 x SLAUGHTERDAY - Tyrants of Doom LP1 x RAVENOUS DEATH - Visions from the Netherworld CD1 x PUTRID - Antichrist Above LP1 x ALTARS - Ascetic Reflection CD1 x PERSECUTORY - Summoning the Lawless Legions CD1 x DEAD CHASM - Dead Chasm MCD1 x DESTRUCTION RITUAL - Destruction Ritual LP1 x TOADEATER - Bexadde CD1 x SCALPTURE - Feldwärts LP1 x GEVURAH - Gehinnom LP1 x RITUAL MASS - It Ever Turns CD1 x FOSSILIZATION - He Whose Name Was Long Forgotten MCD1 x IGNIVOMOUS - Hieroglossia CD1 x INANNA - Void of Unending Depths CD1 x AENAON - Mnemosyne CD1 x PERSECUTORY - Perversion Feeds Our Force MCD1 x DEHUMAN REIGN - Descending Upon The Oblivious CD1 x KATHAARIA - To Be Shunned by All​.​.​.​ DIGIPAK1 x DEATHSWARM - Forward Into Oblivion LP1 x REXUL - Erebus... Virtuosus... Alpha... LP1 x SLAUGHTERDAY - Tyrants of Doom CD1 x INTOLERANCE - Dark Paths of Humanity CD1 x ANGRRSTH - Donikad LP1 x WRITHING - Of Earth and Flesh CD1 x SUFFERING HOUR - The Cyclic Reckoning DIGIPAK1 x AZOTHYST- Blood of Dead God DIGIPAK MCD1 x PARASITARIO - Afterlife Truth MCD1 x STILLBORN - Cultura de la Muerte CD