Based out of Adelaide, Australia, BEYOND MORTAL DREAMS' EP Dreaming Death unearths savage incarnation of death metal darkness.
BMD are sure to continue in the tradition for which bands from Down Under have always been known for: finding their own ways of portraying extreme metal violence with addition of some of the most haunting atmospheres.

In band's own words: “Dreaming Death is a result of continuing desire to create solid, powerful, dark, and atmospheric style of Death Metal music. Like a beast manifested through sonic destruction!"

– specially mastered for vinyl
– oxblood vinyl with etching
– 350g jacket, glossy varnish, insert with lyrics
– limited to 350

1. Feast Of Carrion
2. The Filth Of Their God
3. Dreaming Death
4. Beast Of Damnation (Beherit Cover)
Total time: 18:04

Digital format also available from iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, Amazon etc.

Watch out for upcoming BMD releases via Lavadome including a 7" EP containing one new andone re-recorded song and a full-length album later this year as well.


Death Metal has rarely been darker, heavier and at the same time original. ‘Dreaming Death’ is one of the best releases I’ve heard that scores in all areas and offers some more.
–Transcending Obscurity

The final result is “Dreaming Death” a masterpiece of death metal.
–Heavy Hard Metal Mania

Everything on this little EP is fucking grand.
–The Grim Tower (10/10)

A truly heartfelt and passionate quality E.P that more than satisfies the raging hunger for metal! - Sleep with one eye open - Beyond Mortal Dreams are here!
–RAM zine (10/10)

My jaw is three floors below and neck is still aching, after I’ve listened to “Dreaming Death” several times…
–Panzerfaust (93/100)