VEMOD - Demo 1998 CD


2023 reissue of the band's 1998 demo.

22 minutes of pure spirit and unique approach.

Vemod (not to be confused with current Norse metal band of the same name) rose from the ashes of Norway's legendary 2nd wave of black metal. Nearly 5 years removed from the genre's murderous peak, brothers - Saargh and Chagrin - formed the band amidst tumultuous times. Though many people are quick to write off the late 90s as an era plagued by corporatization and trend-hopping, demos like this are perfect examples of the mystical black force that was still percolating in the underground. The recording itself is notable for its drab atmosphere and desolate production - somehow perfectly blending the styles of groups like Emperor and Lycia. Experimental in its compositions and boundary pushing in its influences, Vemod would truly lay their cards on the table with this single release.

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