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Release date: July 14, 2023.

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About SOMNIATE & We Have Proved Death

There are albums in this world that are inspired by books, that is, by the words and thoughts of their writers. “We Have Proved Death” captures the essence of what remained unsaid.

Relentless yet sophisticated Czech black metal spectacle SOMNIATE returns with their sophomore full-length record. Magical realism fuses with the black art once again, telling a story through blast beats, aggression and melancholy, shrouded in both clarity and dirt. The album was mixed and mastered by V. Santura, courtesy of TRIPTYKON/DARK FORTRESS, who is also responsible for sonic landscapes of BOLZER, ASCENSION, OBSCURA and other non-conformist artists.

Apart from university professors and literary critics, no one will ever know what went through the head of one Richard G. Brautigan (1935-1984) when he hammered down the draft of a short book called “In Watermelon Sugar” within two months in 1964. Although it was utopian literature - a vista of the good life, glorification of peace, some said - SOMNIATE couldn't care less and found their own meaning behind the scenes.

The band's debut “The Meyrinkian Slumber” (2020) was fascinated by the mysteries of the past; “We Have Proved Death” animates the unearthly beauty and earthly terror of the future. On the wings of merciless but skilfully crafted black metal, SOMNIATE brings you a story from a world where the sun shines a different colour every day - a world about which nobody is sure whether it ended for good or was born anew. A quiet community, undisturbed by the former matters of modern man, thriving in nature yet in the shadow of an old civilisation. A city once swallowed by the apocalypse. Unconditional happiness or insanity? Peace or lethargy? Stillness or death? There are men who revel in love and compassion, and there are those who drink the bodies of the dead. Their paths are bound to collide.

A psychedelic mixture of harmony and dissonance, both unpolished and elegant; black metal visions from the realm behind our eyelids.

ACT I — I Am Here and You Are Distant
ACT II — A Lamb at False Dawn
ACT III — The Statue of Mirrors
ACT IV — Black Soundless Sugar
ACT V — Non-You
ACT VI — We Have Proved Death
6 tracks, time 32:58

Zdeněk Klekner / Vocals, Programming, Mouth harp
Marek Štembera / Vocals, Guitars
Aleš Vilingr / Guitars
Adam Kulich / Bass
Tomáš Mařík / Drums 

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