Release date: September 29, 2023.

Jewelcase edition with 8 sided folded booklet. Sealed.
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Achamoth’s Uncharted Odyssey

In their third full-length offering, Wells Valley embarks on the throbbing essence of creation, delving into its intricacies, both musically and thematically. Achamoth is an album unlike any other, now and forever. It embodies the unrestrained spirit of uncharted creation in extreme music, untouched by the confines of popular subgenre standards, compromises or other creativity corroding elements. Achamoth is purity. The album defies categorization and instead prioritizes the realm of urgency for sheer self-expression. Seek a secluded, dark, and tranquil space, immerse yourself in the colossal, tempestuous wave, and let your gaze be drawn into it with holotropic calmness that allows you to perceive all its storming details from immediate proximity.

Vivid Shores of Achamoth’s Soundscapes

Across the span of six songs, Achamoth orchestrates an auditory surge that unveils the vivid pulse of formative, unique darkness. The band excels at crafting rhythmically rich, textured layers, adroitly manipulating and evolving the music to burst out into an overwhelming, undeniable visceral experience. These remarkable formulas presented on Achamoth are born from the incredible individual contributions of each member. The percussive work is remarkably creative, driving the composition with an energizing pulse. The guitar layering ventures beyond convention, and the bass patterns infuse every moment with vitality. There’s an undercurrent of tension, a dissonant unease that fuels the aggression and interplay within the music. Those are some of the main substances of Achamoth musical direction, further introspection is up to the listener. And while Achamoth might be a monochromatic, metallic record, its gray scale is vast and can become silver. Its shades are dark but can scorch like a Sun.

Purity of Sonic and Visual Craftsmanship

The album’s production highlights a meticulous dedication to achieving authentic, natural sound. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mau (drums) in his SinWav Audio studio; there are minimal edits, no copy/pasting. The band eschewed presets, triggers, and digital effects, prioritizing the direct impact and power of human performance. Each sound originates from the musician, passes through a microphone, and enters the audio interface. This commitment, though time-intensive, underscores a genuine dedication to craftsmanship and lays another cornerstone of the Achamoth monument. On top of that, the stunning cover art has been created by band’s own André (bass).

Sophia Achamoth’s Enigmatic Echoes

The lyrical concept revolves exclusively around Sophia Achamoth. An ancient divine figure, often portrayed as the mother of the Demiurge and the Archons. In various interpretations, she is believed to have descended from grace, inadvertently contributing to the creation of the material world as we know it—a world sometimes likened to “The Matrix.” The album delves into this enigmatic and obscure theme, exploring the multifaceted dimensions of Achamoth’s role and significance within different philosophical and spiritual contexts. Through its lyrics, the album invites listeners to contemplate the deep mysteries surrounding this ancient figure and her connection to the intricate fabric of existence.

1. Princeps
2. Host’s Scintilation
3. Law Of Tutelary Spirits
4. Intercession and Invocation
5. Vessel Possessor
6. Indwelling in Matter
6 tracks, time 49:53

Guitar and Vocals: Filipe Correia
Drums: Mau
Bass, Backing Vocals and Piano: André Hencleeday

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