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Release date: October 27, 2023.

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Following their first two instrumental albums, AlphA and Beta, Psicosfera emerges with their third installment, titled Summa Negativa. This album is a predatory plunge into pitch-black darkness of avant-garde black metal. The album illuminates the souls of the damned with its devilish fangs.

The new material is a reflection of Psicosfera’s ongoing evolution, driven by ceaseless march of time. With a blend of uncompromising determination and the introduction of vocals, alongside the liberation of an even fiercer facet of the band’s creativity, the new material relentlessly pushes the boundaries beyond their prior instrumental efforts.

Spanning their previous two albums, the band absorbed its influences, mastered the emotional depth of those records and honed their craft meticulously. Five years after their second album, the band’s journey has culminated in Summa Negativa, which materializes as a sinister reflection of contemporary darkness, seamlessly morphing the vision of genre’s progenitors into a contemporary realm that is both relentless and audacious. By skillfully weaving dissonance and melody through inventive manipulation, complemented by genuinely dreadful riffs, the album creates an encapsulated universe that embraces the essence of despair, melancholy, aggression, and hostility.

Summa Negativa emerges not as a nostalgic reverie, but as a reflection of modern nihilistic void. The darkness, evil, and despair within aren’t mere obligatory components; they mirror the current, profound upheavals of the soul of man. This essence imbues Summa Negativa with unparalleled vitality.

As such, Psicosfera’s new album holds the promise of elation —for seekers of evolving flux, for those who embrace musical development— while remaining devotional to the spirit.

1. Rising River of Frustration
2. Pernicious Oblivion pt.1
3. Pernicious Oblivion pt.2
4. Gamma (interlude)
5. Taste of Triumph
6. Dismal Landscape of Disillusion and Rejection
7. Contortionist of Perception
8. Tartarus
8 tracks, time 36:55

Cover Illustration by Aldo Requena, Hammerblaze Art & Designs

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Summa Negativa MC —Pre-Order—
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Summa Negativa CD —Shipping—
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