Released February 28, 2023.

“POSEIDON” is the eponymous collaboration album between Argento, Azoth (both SPITE EXTREME WING, IANVA) and Algol (HIEMS, FORGOTTEN TOMB, KIRLIAN CAMERA).

POSEIDON’s music is vastly improvised: written and recorded during ritualistic night sessions, using a vast range of unorthodox mediums and instruments such as mellotron, tube radio and various folkloristic frame drums.

A unique mix of Acoustic Black Metal, Folk Music, Psychedelic Rock and Avantgarde.

FFO: Spite Extreme Wing, Tangerine Dream, Current 93, late Swans.

Includes: - "Poseidon" on CD. - A special notebook written through asystematic narrative path with Alessia Brunello, and inspired by “Burn After - A performance Book” by Elenia Depedro. - 3 x postcards