SANCTUARIUM - Into The Mephitic Abyss CD


Released April 28, 2023.

Rotted Death Doom coming from the Mephitic Abyss.
Barcelona’s SANCTUARIUM present their full length debut album to follow the highly acclaimed “Cadaveric Reminiscense” 2021 demo (later reissued in 12” vinyl as split LP by Death Mace Records).

From the sick and twisted artwork by own Necrohelm to the downtuned foul and putrid riffs and rythms of the four long songs featured, SANCTUARIUM offers a massive debut album of cavernous Death Metal, with predominance of necro doom passages and a constant feeling of rottenness and despair.

Not affordable for weaklings or hipsters but highly recommended for all fans of the real putrid sound of bands as Rippikoulu, sickest Autopsy, early Evoken, Incantation, Disembowelment… A thirty-five minutes asphyxiating trip to the Mephitic Abyss.