ORDINUL NEGRU - A Sojourner Wandering... MCD DIGIPAK


Released November 26, 2021.

ORDINUL NEGRU - A Sojourner Wandering Through the Barren Openness MCD DIGIPAK

Occult Black Metal from Romania.

“A Sojourner Wandering Through the Barren Openness” represents the other side of the coin of our experimentation after we released the Nebuisa EP last year. We crafted this time an ambitious project of one song over 23 minutes, in which we have encapsulated all our knowledge and desire of an avantgarde and forward thinking approach, in relation to our musical journey in the black cult. We are not afraid to push genre’s limits, to incorporate old raw trv sprit and new orchestral elements together, to find that alchemic potion of catharsis. Conceptually we developed a moment in time when a chosen eremite sees it all…the birth of the Earth and the ancestral truths, the crucifixion of the Nazarene and when the sky turned black and cleared the civilization in a majestic canvas, an epic poem inspired by old chronicles and forgotten dusted parchments."

Fulmineos - guitars, vocals
Urmuz - guitars, vocals
Putrid - drums, bass

Anca Otescu – vocals (FusionCore)
Irinel "Cosax" Cîrlan – vocals
Sol Faur – mandoline (DorDeDuh)