ULTIMATUM - Among Potential States CD


Released January 7, 2024.

Technical Death Metal, Romania. Fans of Atheist etc. take a note.

The very first Romanian Death Metal full-length album, initially released in 1996, now re-mastered and enhanced to meet modern standards! If back in the '90's the album was maybe a bit ahead of its times, now we have the proof of how monumental this material was!

ULTIMATUM (Timisoara, Romania) released their first and only album “Among Potential States” in 1996. The first of this genre in Romania, the album went beyond the classical Death Metal as members were big fans of Progressive influenced Metal and non-Metal bands at the time. The work embeds progressive elements and keyboard atmospheric themes within metal riffs, to pastel somber or dark passages. Lyrics, mostly inspired from personal experiences and the contemporary frustrating reality, are precisely placed, discoursed and murmured throughout the songs. Music and lyrics symbiose together to enhance some of the many potentials states an individual may go through during life, a journey through discovery, feelings and philosophical interpretation of human behavior.

This new release is a reissue of the 1996 material, with remastered tracks to enhance vocals and the overall dynamics. ULTIMATUM members, who kept contact since the disbandment in 1996, chose for this project to not re-record the whole material, but to remain sound judicious within the veins of the 1990’s Metal era, for authenticity and originality.

Here's what the band had to say about it: "Our acknowledgement goes to great people that made this project possible and that we were lucky to have around, from our newer producer long time Metal fan Adrian of the underground growing label of Loud Rage Music, to the sound engineering friends Edmond Karban (Hypogrammus) and Cristian Popescu (Sol Faur) of Dor de Duh and Cristian Giorgievici of former Neurotica for the early work on the sound, to the cover design by our old fellow Sever Roman and to all of our supporters and fans that consistently asked questions about ULTIMATUM during the past decades. Here it is, for you to travel 28 years back in time, for a Metal experience still pulsating form ULTIMATUM’s hearts, in its purest state of 1996!"