Released December 28, 2022.

Everything in this universe is energy. Everything vibrates, everything transforms, everything changes, nothing is forever. The world we know is just quantic particles of information, which, depending on each species, are processed in the brain, building their own reality. Thus, this world is just an interpretation of the senses, predestined by thoughts and created by the observer. We are capable of perceiving a limited range of colors from the electromagnetic spectrum, in which there are colors that we cannot observe. Following that example, there are also dimensions that we will never understand, forms of life way ahead of us, and forms of life we do not comprehend that at some point were like us, and we will be like them someday. Nothing you see with your eyes is in real time. When you look at the stars, you are gazing into the past. We are the energy of the universe, that became conscious that it was part of the whole. The only TRUTH in this world is that everything is a LIE, nothing is true, and everything is permissible.

Remember, DEATH doesn't exist, it's just an act of passage to become part of the whole, ascending to higher paths. If you have seen the sun, you haven't seen anything dead.

Remember, time doesn't exist, it's just an ILLUSION. This moment will repeat eternally.

Remember, that these primordial invocations as gateways to open up portals, are the purest APEIRON manifestations.

Remember, those who have been in dormancy for AEONS. Awake the flame of the occult knowledge you carry inside.

Remember, that the TRUTH does not exist, and knowing it would leave you blind. Pain and pleasure, like all antagonics, are part of the same. Their distinction is based solely on level and interpretation.