Released February 25, 2022.

Swiss death metal band "Nihilo" has been capturing the essence of death metal since 2003, without ignoring the past or the future of extreme metal. For 18 years now, the five-piece combo has been shaping the Swiss scene with their distinctive sound of oldschool death, crust and grind elements and has caused a sensation in other European metal strongholds:

Be it an Ireland tour with Overoth, a slot at the unforgotten Mountains of Death Festival, shows in the Netherlands with Funeral Whore, an Italy tour with Antropofagus, a video shoot with more than 50 zombies (NIHILO -Infected), various shows and smaller tours in France, Germany and Switzerland itself with genre legends like Possessed, Dying Fetus, Suffocation, Vader, Entombed AD, Sadistic Intent and many more.

Musically, the new album "Resolution" marks the big highlight in the discography of the band. The album is a logical continuation of the previous record and is on the one hand straightforward, uses the typical elements of death metal and allows outbreaks into the worlds of black metal and hardcore. A European tour is planned for next February to promote the new album properly and to open up new markets.