VERBERIS - The Apophatic Wilderness LP


Released March 29, 2024.

Black vinyl.

‘Do you not recognise the trials requested of you? Do you not hear the swarms of voracious flies? Do you not smell corruption’s fetid perfume? As moths to candle flame, so compelled and beguiled to be blind to your annihilation in the Devil’s fires.’

With “The Apophatic Wilderness”, Verberis reveals an image of man cast into the house of Abaddon. Three formidable compositions totalling 41 minutes proceed from 2022’s “Adumbration of the Veiled Logos”, recounting an entanglement of hubris, submission, worship, and ruin.

As with the past two releases, “The Apophatic Wilderness” was recorded by the constellation of DA with JSM, NH, and MP. This time, the essence of germanium transistors and magnetic tape imbues the sonic spectrum and provides an aura of vintage viscerality.

While collaborating once more with Ars Alchymiae and Magnus Lindberg, further control was relinquished to achieve a final product reaching beyond the capacities of the band’s core alone. In this respect, mixing was by the hands of Richard Behrens, whereas layout and typography came forth from an open grave.

Take heed in the apophatic wilderness.