Denouncing the Holy Throne CD


Official release date: February 6. Available and shipping.
Heaving Earth's sophomore album. Blasphemous symphony of ungodly Death Metal.
12 movements in 50 minutes. The jewelcase CD release is accompanied with 20 pages booklet.
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Digital preorders are available via Bandcamp, link below in the player.
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The most effective way to order, with regards to the postage costs, is 2 or 4 or 8 CDs. The preceding Lavadome release, Destroying Divinity "Hollow Dominion" CD, is also a highly recommended purchase along with this CD.

1 x REXUL - Erebus... Virtuosus... Alpha... CD1 x SLAUGHTERDAY - Ancient Death Triumph CD1 x DEMONICAL - Chaos Manifesto DIGIPAK1 x ROTHEADS - Slither in Slime CD1 x AHRET DEV - Hellish Double LP1 x FOSSILIZATION / RITUAL NECROMANCY Split MCD1 x EGGS OF GOMORRH - Wombspreader CD1 x CONJURETH - Majestic Dissolve CD1 x TOUGHNESS - The Prophetic Dawn CD1 x ANTROPOFAGUS - Origin CD1 x GOATSMENGA - Goat Separatist Movement CD1 x VOMIT SPELL - Vomit Spell CD1 x KATHAARIA - To Be Shunned by All​.​.​.​ LP1 x SCALPTURE – Eisenzeit CD1 x ABIGOR - Fractal Possession LP1 x SLAUGHTERDAY - Tyrants of Doom LP1 x RAVENOUS DEATH - Visions from the Netherworld CD1 x PUTRID - Antichrist Above LP1 x ALTARS - Ascetic Reflection CD1 x PERSECUTORY - Summoning the Lawless Legions CD1 x DEAD CHASM - Dead Chasm MCD1 x DESTRUCTION RITUAL - Destruction Ritual LP1 x TOADEATER - Bexadde CD1 x SCALPTURE - Feldwärts LP1 x GEVURAH - Gehinnom LP1 x RITUAL MASS - It Ever Turns CD1 x FOSSILIZATION - He Whose Name Was Long Forgotten MCD1 x IGNIVOMOUS - Hieroglossia CD1 x INANNA - Void of Unending Depths CD1 x AENAON - Mnemosyne CD1 x PERSECUTORY - Perversion Feeds Our Force MCD1 x DEHUMAN REIGN - Descending Upon The Oblivious CD1 x KATHAARIA - To Be Shunned by All​.​.​.​ DIGIPAK1 x DEATHSWARM - Forward Into Oblivion LP1 x REXUL - Erebus... Virtuosus... Alpha... LP1 x SLAUGHTERDAY - Tyrants of Doom CD1 x INTOLERANCE - Dark Paths of Humanity CD1 x ANGRRSTH - Donikad LP1 x WRITHING - Of Earth and Flesh CD1 x SUFFERING HOUR - The Cyclic Reckoning DIGIPAK1 x AZOTHYST- Blood of Dead God DIGIPAK MCD1 x PARASITARIO - Afterlife Truth MCD1 x STILLBORN - Cultura de la Muerte CD1 x OPHIS - Spew Forth Odium CD1 x SCALPTURE - Feldwärts CD1 x GEVURAH - Gehinnom DIGIPAK1 x ATARAXY - Curse Of The Requiem Mass CD1 x BENOTHING - Temporal Bliss Surrealms MCD1 x BIZARRE BRUTALITY – Metaphor CD