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WELLS VALLEY Achamoth CD<br>—Shipping—
Albums like Achamoth are released once in a decade if the micro-constellation of the universe is right. The trio behind Wells Valley has created a unique collection of 6 tracks, delivering overwhelming sonic experience. Visceral, dark and deeply enthralling.
SOMNIATE<br>We Have Proved Death CD —Shipping—
We Have Proved Death CD —Shipping—
SOMNIATE have created a record which fuses Magical realism with the black art once again, telling a story through blast beats, aggression and melancholy, shrouded in both clarity and dirt. A concept album based on Richard G. Brautigan's book called “In Watermelon Sugar". A psychedelic mixture of harmony and dissonance, both unpolished and elegant; black metal visions from the realm behind our eyelids.
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