Shipping & Returns

Lavadome is based out of the Czech Republic. Airmail shipping is applied for all orders. Prices in the catalog do not include postage. Postage is applied during checkout.

Payment/shipping without jewelcases:
In case that you want to pay via bank transfer or have your CDs shipped without jewelcases or both, write to: orders(-AT-)

If you order a package with weight over 2 kg, you will have to contact Lavadome directly for exact shipping rates. You will NOT be able to process the checkout in the store.

Best way to purchase stuff so that the postage rate limits are reached to maximum is to order: 2CDs, 4CDs, 8 CDs or 16 CDs.
9 CDs is actually on the edge between of 1 and 2 kg limit -- chances are, if you order some digipacks, that 9 CDs will fit into 1 kg limit even if you are charged higher postage price of 14 EUR during checkout. In this case an eventual refund for the shipping will be made. If you are ordering 9 CDs in jewelcases and agree on shipping one CD without the jewelcase (put a remark into comments when ordering), the postage still will be charged 9 EUR and you will be refunded the 5 EUR difference charged during checkout.

!!! Once the parcel leaves the house, Lavadome is not responsible for possible loss or delay caused by the postal service. There is the Registered Mail option in the store you can use in case you have doubts about your postman or postal services overall. !!! Thanks for understanding.

Europe - priority airmail postage rates
100g 2.32 EUR
250g 4 EUR
500g 5.7 EUR
1kg 9.6 EUR
2kg 16.32 EUR
World - priority airmail postage rates
100g 2.6 EUR
250g 4.84 EUR
500g 7.72 EUR
1kg 13.44 EUR
2kg 23.6 EUR
Registered shipping costs additional 2.80 EUR.